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Cumulative COVID-19 Cases In S.C. Schools Reach Nearly 2,000

Parent Choice Hybrid-Model Survey

Dear LCSD Parents,

We are gathering information from our parents about the possibility of offering a Hybrid-Model of instruction. This model will allow students to remain in school virtually and have the opportunity to participate in face-to-face instruction on a limited basis.

Please use the link under the school your student attends. If you have more than one student in LCSD schools, please complete a separate survey for each student and school which your child attends.

Featuring La'Montica Geddis

Congratulations to Cadet La'Montica Geddis! She received the Legion of Valor award. The following is a portion of the words shared by Major Cobbs.

On 2 October 2020 at Lee Central High School, Cadet /Lieutenant Colonel Lamontica Geddis was presented the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for all of her hard work. Her JROTC Instructors, Principal of Lee Central High School, and the Superintendent of Lee County School District in South Carolina all assisted in the presentation of her award. As her Senior Instructor, one thing I would like to point out about Cadet Geddis is that she is very dedicated to the program, and one person that I can count on to carry out any mission. She fully understands and follows the military standards. I put a lot on her plate to see if she can balance school, extra-curricular activities, and JROTC. However, her answer is always, “Ok Sir, I will do it.” She is an A/B honor roll student, early college participant, on the JROTC drill team and a member of JROTC Color Guard. I could not think of a better student that the US Army JROTC Award committee could have chosen to receive this award. I am very proud of her. To conclude on the summary of Cadet Lamontica Geddis, last week she took a major step towards her future. Lamontica joined the US Army National Guard to help pay for her college education. I know she will be an excellent Soldier, and will do very well in college.
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